Evert-Luko Funeral Home is family owned and has been serving Lake Country families for over 120 years. We are honored to be a part of the rich history of this community and plan to be a part of it for many years to come.

Through the Years

In 1898 Albert Schraudenbach became Hartland's first undertaker operating a store front business located at 150 East Capitol Drive. In 1919 this business was sold to George Brader and his sister Alpha Brader who ran the funeral home until 1922 when Ralph J. Marshall became the proprietor.

In November of 1927 the Marshall Funeral Home moved the business to its current location, 170 Warren Avenue, Hartland. In 1947 Edward Kurtz purchased the business and changed the name to Kurtz Funeral Home. Edward's son-in law, Richard Luko purchased the funeral home in 1956, changing the name to Kurtz-Luko Funeral Home. In 1995 the name was then changed to Luko Funeral Home. 

Reneé M. Evert began working for Mr. Luko part-time in 1995, becoming a full-time director in 1997. Purchasing the funeral home in 1999, changing the name to Luko-Evert Funeral Home. In 2007 the name became Evert-Luko Funeral Home.

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